About Us

We are a group of fishers legally constituted through Pesca Alternativa de Baja California, A.C. (Pesca ABC) civil organization, and we are committed to fisheries, fishing resources and the conservation of the vaquita.

In collaboration with Mexican government institutions and strategic partners, we design alternative fishing gear to gillnets that allow us to continue fishing while preserving the marine wealth, without affecting the vaquita and other endangered species.

At Pesca ABC we work jointly with government authorities, civil society organizations, businesses and the community, offering responsible, socially viable, and environmentally friendly fishing economic solutions.

We truly appreciate the support of experts and contributors, specially our donors The Marisla Foundation and World Wildlife Fund.


Our Commitment

Our Mission:

To fish responsibly; develop and promote the use of sustainable fishing gear, contribute to families wellbeing and the natural resources of the Upper Gulf of California.

Our Vision:

Pesca ABC is a role-model organization, able to show that sustainable fishing can generate economic growth, preserve the natural resources and benefit communities.

Family programs & resources

Family center's four areas of focus

Early Childhood Education

Center offers programs that focus on strengthening the child through education.


These are classes focused on fun geared toward the youth of our communities.

Adult Education Programs

The following programs have been designed for adults.

Access To Health

These are focused on access to adult and child health insurance.

Meet the Team

Jesús Carlos Samudio Martínez
Founding Member
José Luis Albañez Mendoza
Founding Member
Antonio García Orozco
Founding Member
José Luis Romero González
Founding Member
Francisco Enrique Romero Orz
Founding Partner