We Innovate

Pesca ABC and its members have:

  • Participated in experiments with alternative fishing gear including rigid and collapsible fish pods, stow nets, as well as adjustments to the regulated ecological small trawl for shrimp.
  • Experimented with the use of the RS.INP.MX (acronym in Spanish for Selective Net of the National Institute of Fisheries of Mexico) selective fishing gear, showing that it is effective for catching shrimp and does not affect the vaquita.
  • Trained local fishermen in the design, manufacture and maintenance of alternative fishing gear; and trained 102 fishers in the Upper Gulf for the manufacture of an ecological small trawl for shrimp.
  • Contributed in repairing and restoring 47 small trawls for shrimp and 30 Turtle Excluding Devices (TEDs).
  • Participated in the first exchange of knowledge for the use of the small trawl for shrimp with fishers from El Golfo de Santa Clara, in Sonora; and San Felipe, in Baja California.
  • Participated in finfish and shrimp monitoring activities.
  • Received training from NOAA in the United States, to improve the use of various fishing systems.
  • Featured fishing products at tasting dinners, in order to promote the consumption of “vaquita-friendly products”.
  • Participated at the Fishing Technologies for the Upper Gulf of California 2016 Workshop held in Merida, Mexico, where experts from around the world in fishing technologies gathered to discuss alternative fishing gear that could allow fishers from the Upper Gulf of California continue with their way of life without affecting the vaquita.
  • Contributed with promotional campaigns and the media to document sustainable fishing activities in San Felipe.
  • Received the Merit for Conservation Award in the winter of 2015 by the Society of Marine Mammalogy.


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