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Ike-jime is a fish slaughtering technique used in Japanese fishing for over a thousand years. It consists of fishing the fish with a hook, sticking a spike into the head to achieve instant death, and then inserting a sharp wire into the spinal cord through the caudal fin to bring down the nervous system, preventing the fish from suffering.

Finally, the fish is bled through a cut in the gills and chilled as quickly as possible to prevent bacterial growth. This process must be carried out by an experienced and skilled fisherman who knows the anatomy of the fish to avoid errors that harm the animal and alter the quality of its meat.

Why using Ike-Jime

The main goal is to preserve the quality of the meat. When a fish suffers some hormones like adrenaline are produced, favoring the production of lactic acid that affects meat quality. Avoiding suffering help to have better quality and more shelf life.

Besides having a better quality, Ike-Jime technique shows more respect to the animals which are slaughter in a fast and painless manner.

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