Mar Mediterráneo, esq. Mar Caribe, Plaza Don David, Local 3

Acoustic monitoring

Since 2012 we collaborate with scientists to estimate vaquita population.

Ike-Jime fish

We capture fish with hook and sacrifice it with ike-jime technique giving fish a better quality and shelf life.

Mini-tawl for shrimp

In 2022 we tested a 35 feet long mini-trawl net for shrimp. With this new model the average catches were 176.4 kilogram per fishing trip.

Ghost gear

Since 2016, we have collaborated with the Mexican government and other organizations on the localization and recovery of derelict fishing gear. In 2023, we continued with this effort.


Pesca ABC is a grassroots organization based in San Felipe, Baja California (México). This organization is formed by local fishers who are committed with their community and the sustainability of the region.

All members or the directive council are fishers.


Working together to conserve the Upper Gulf of California.

of ghost nets recovered during the first three years.
kilograms of fish sacrificed with Ike Jime technique.
hours of acoustic monitoring in 2022.


2022 Report

This report showcases the main results obtained during 2022.

Species Catalog

This is Pesca ABC's catalog of Species from the Upper Gulf of California captured with alternative techniques.

Ghost Fishing in Mexico Guide

This guide shows how to prevent, mitigate, and fix damages caused by ghost fishing in Mexico.

More documents here


Training workshops to prevent and mitigate sea lion entanglement

Between April 22 and 26, Cabet Cultura y Ambiente held a series of workshops directed to our staff at Pesca ABC. The workshops covered a variety of topics, such as seal lion photography, injury identification in entangled sea lions with fishing gear, the development of a sea lions catalog, and the development of an entangled sea lions database.



Animal Politico

This is an in-depth note from Animal Político explaining in detail what Pesca ABC does regarding the recovery of ghost fishing equipment and its marine conservation work. Learn more >

El Pueblo

Cites' third technical visit to Mexican territory. This article details how the constant in San Felipe and the Gulf of Santa Clara is the use of prohibited traditional gillnets. Learn more >


Our ambition is a future in which the marine resources in the UGC are used in a sustainable way, providing welfare and prosperity for the people in San Felipe and their marine ecosystem.

Improve household well-being through the conservation of the marine ecosystem and the sustainable use of fishing resources in the UGC.


We believe that technological innovation is our best ally for the development of fishing systems that allow sustainable fisheries without damaging other marine species or ecosystems.

We believe that the best solution to the human-wildlife conflicts in the region is the development of sustainable fisheries that contribute to human welfare and the conservation of natural resources.

We are convinced that to achieve our objectives we need to work closely with scientists, conservation organizations, governments, and other members of the community.

Pesca ABC wants to inspire other fishers in the region to turn into allies for the solution to socioenvironmental problems.



• Francisco Enrique Romero Orz
• Antonio García Orozco
• Jesús Carlos Samudio Martínez
• José Luis Romero González


• Jorge Torre Cosío
• Luis Fueyo McDonald


• Enrique Sanjurjo, Executive Director
• Felipe Rocha, Field Coordinator
• Georgina Castro, Science Coordinator
• Amanda Avitia, Administrative Coordinator
• Nadia Alcantar, Community Monitor
• Catalina Carpio, Community Monitor


• Lorenzo Rojas Bracho
• Liliana Gutierrez Mariscal
• Diego Ruiz Sabio


Your help is very important for us. If you want to support Pesca ABC we have two options.

For grants between 50 to 2,500 USD:

please visit

and press adopt a vaquita, indicating that is a donation to Pesca ABC in the gift message box.

For donations of more than 2,500 USD

please contact our Executive Director