Mar Mediterráneo, esq. Mar Caribe, Plaza Don David, Local 3


Local fishers install, change, and collect the acoustic devices used by scientists to estimate vaquita population.


Local fishers had collaborated in different experiments for the development of new fishing technologies including small selective trawl for shrimp, small selective trawl for finfish, traps for shrimp, longlines, cast nets, handlines, and trolling.

  • Red de arrastre para camarón
  • Red de arrastre para escama
  • Trampas para camarón
  • Palangres y cimbras para escama
  • Red suripera para camarón
  • Líneas de mano y curricán para peces de escama

The most promising progress in 2022 was the performance of a 35 feet mini trawl for shrimp which in 2022 had average catches of 176.4 kilograms per trip.


With the collaboration of Museo de la Ballena and El Sargazo Seafood Company, for first time since the creation of Pesca ABC, we transit from small experiment to real markets. While fishing with handlines fishers get less volume than with gillnets, but it is also a better-quality fish.

In 2022, El Sargazo Seafood Company bought from fishers participating in Pesca ABC projects 8.2 tons of sustainable seafood, in a price 3.2 higher than the ex-vessel price at town. The key for getting this price is by bringing fish alive to the skiff, which is not possible with gillnets, and sacrificing it with a humanitarian technique called Ike-Jime.


In 2022, PABC didn’t work locating nor collecting derelict fishing gear, for 2023 we are working again in this issue for keeping the sea free from ghost nets.