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Cocina La Baja 2023

We are pleased to highlight the participation of Pesca ABC and Mujeres Acuícolas del Mar de Cortes in Cocina la Baja 2023 that took place in Ensenada, Baja California, on July 15, where we joined a select group of 45 producers, restaurants, wineries, breweries, guest chefs and gastronomy schools.

It is an honor for us to have collaborated with the restaurants KOOL (Tijuana) and La Cocedora de Langosta (Ensenada), whose expert hands honored the product and the effort of the fishermen by creating exceptional dishes, to whom we provided fish extracted with hooks and sacrificed by the Ike-jime method, directly from the port of San Felipe, showing our commitment to quality and sustainability in local fishing, which led us to win third place in CLB due to the commitment of the Aquaculture Women of the Sea of Cortez and the talent of chef Francisco Guzmán, from the KOOL restaurant, with a curvina toast sacrificed with Ike-jime and overflowed with a pickle tepache base, which we all loved!

This producer-restaurant partnership highlighted the importance of a responsible approach to supply chain and culinary art, resulting in a memorable dining experience. We sincerely value the effort and dedication of everyone involved in this event, which undoubtedly positively impacted the world of regional gastronomy.  

Vaquita Observation Cruise 2023

The team at Pesca ABC, in collaboration with Conanp, had the opportunity to be on board the 2023 Vaquita Marina Observation Cruise, which took place in the upper Gulf of California from May 11 to 26. For the results of the observation cruise, visit

Andrés Rubio Castro Federation, Pronatura Noroeste, and Pesca ABC Meeting

On Tuesday, May 30th, the Andrés Rubio Castro Federation, Pronatura Noroeste, and Pesca ABC held a meeting with authorities to achieve the collaboration of all parties in the fishery improvement project for scale fishing with hook and handline. During the meeting, we have the participation of Sepesca BC, Upper Gulf of California and Colorado River Delta Biosphere Reserve, INAPESCA, CEDO Intercultural, Acuario Ocáenico, MAREM AC, UABC, CICESE, and fishermen from San Felipe. Sepesca BC, Reserva de la Biosfera Alto Golfo de California y Delta del Río Colorado, INAPESCA , CEDO Intercultural, Acuario Oceánico, MAREM AC, UABC, CICESE y pescadores de San Felipe.